What is Intercheck?

An extremely sharp, flexible and competitive service, with near to 600 agents in more than 120 countries testing your brands, signatures and logos, as well as a team of experts (linguists and semiologists) within Nomen France who analyse and interpret their responses.

To whom does Intercheck address?

To all those who wish to export their brand and integrate it for the better in their target markets. To all those who wish to know of and establish control of the associations and evocations relating to their brand, its perception throughout the world.

A. Carry out a test on Intercheck

1. What am I able to test on Intercheck?

Intercheck allows you to test

  • Your brand names, products;
  • Your slogans, signatures ;
  • Your logos.

Intercheck is very supple: if your test does not seem to match with one of these points, you can contact us to launch a more particular check.

2. What type of tests may I conduct on these points?

With Intercheck, you are free to specify your test as you wish.

Indicate to us some simple elements:

  • The questions that you're asking yourself;
  • The country or countries that interest you;
  • The date by which answers are expected.

It's as simple as that.

3. What does a test consist of?

A test consists of three steps:

  1. You specify your test (points, questions, parameter of countries);
  2. Intercheck establishes a corresponding quote;
  3. If you accept the quote, Intercheck enters into relations with its correspondents.

And you no longer have any worries… except seeing that answers to your questions of course!

4. I would like to know how my name is pronounced in a country and a given language, is this possible?

Yes! It's called an Audiocheck

When you ask for an Audiocheck, our correspondents record the name that you give us and save a sound file of it in their language.

You'll know how the name is pronounced.

5. Who does the Intercheck team compose of and it's network?

The Intercheck team is composed of semiologists, linguists, cultural experts as well as correspondents present is many different countries around the world, experts in their proper languages, of their cultures and brands in their local and international environment. These correspondents are recruited after they pass several tests that Intercheck imposes.

You can therefore have confidence in the quality and relevance of Intercheck's responses.

6. How to benefit from the services of Intercheck?

If you wish to test a name or logo, Intercheck is made for you: follow the link "Need a check for your brand?" on the home page.

You will have to indicate various pieces of necessary information in your inscription. Following this, Intercheck will contact you to signal the opening of your account. Intercheck's friendly and simple interface will allow you to quickly launch your first test.

7. Still have questions?

Don't forget that the Intercheck team are always available to help you and give you desired information.

You can reach us on +33 (0) or by email: contact@inter-check.com

B. I would like to be a correspondent for Intercheck:

8. I would like to be integrated into your network of correspondents. How do I do this?

For this, simply follow the registration link on the home page entitled, ‘Want to be a part of our correspondent network?'

You have to indicate different necessary information in your registration, then pass some tests to do with your aptitude concerning the checks that Intercheck could ask you.

9. When I am a correspondent, how will I work?

Very easily! You connect to Intercheck with the account name that you chose whilst registering. Your personal page will indicate to you the tests waiting your response. All the listed tests are offered to you; simply accept them and reply to them within the given deadline.

Careful! With the exception of particular cases, the checks are offered to all the correspondents in a language and given country. Don't waste any time; if a test interests you, don't hesitate to respond as another correspondent could do it instead. Without exception, Intercheck works on a first come, first served basis.

Intercheck may contact you eventually to obtain details on one of your responses.

10. What will I gain from answering offered tests ?

With each test that Intercheck offers, a payment quote is attached. You will be paid for each test accepted and fully completed.

You will be paid according to a payment calendar that is based on the total amount owed to you.

11. Any more questions ?

Don't forget that the Intercheck team are always available to help you and give you any information that you require.

You can reach us on +33 (0) or by email: contact@inter-check.com