Intercheck is an international brand check
and name testing service based on 1000 experts in more than 120 countries

Name Check

Worried about the comprehension of your brand names in an international context?

Get a Name Check! Intercheck’s international experts can provide you a unique linguistic and cultural experience with:

  • Pronunciation, Sounds, Close words, Evocations and more… we’ll unlock the secret behind your brand names!

  • Want to show the world your work? Our international network can help you out, translating text from over 100 languages!

  • Planning to enter a foreign market? We offer brand name transliterations from Roman alphabet into others such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Hindi and Arabic alphabets.

  • Want to know how your brand name will be pronounced in other languages? Why not ask for an Audio Check and listen to the recordings made by our experts: they’ll make sound your brand like never!

Logo Check

Willing to venture into more daring designs? Curious to discover the symbolic meanings behind your logos?

For instance, it is interesting to know that the colour blue remains the leading favourite within Europe, or that white is traditionally the colour of mourning in China. Or that the number 4, represents stability in Europe yet death in Japan.

Intercheck is a flexible service: so let’s try a Logo Check and submit your logo to our experts! You’ll experience our special international and cultural approach for yourself!

Slogan Check

Need advice on your slogan? Don’t wait, get a Slogan Check!

Our experts are ready to assess your catchphrase, checking its flow, rhythm, aesthetics and fluency into their mother tongue!

Market Checks

Want to give a voice to your customers, existing or potential? Need an arbitrator, at the end of a long process?

Market testing, especially quantitative studies, are excellent objective tools! They will enable you to make the right decision: focusing on the essential opinion of your customers. A name that will please your customers. A name around which your teams will unite. Given the green light, the name will be finally ready for its big launch, thanks to the support of all!



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